Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a Way to Start the Year!

The weather today was just amazing - blue skies and 30 degrees, you couldn't ask for a nicer way to start the year.  Since we weren't working today, Goldfish and I took Chico out to the Spit for a romp and then we headed over to Amelia's for a late lunch.  Our batteries are all recharged and ready for "A" Season!  It's nice to see the boat activity starting to pick up.


Mystic said...

What a spectacular day! I hope the weather holds; I know the Wizard boys are flying out of Seattle today. They should make it into Dutch on the 3rd.
The water looks like glass in those pictures...just awesome!

Bren said...

Beautiful day! Are the eagles about? It would be great to get one scooping the water! Love all of your pictures. I think your bloggers are right, you don't need an expensive camera to do amazing things with photography. Happy New Year!
love ya

Ang said...

Love your pictures! Congrats on the new camera too! Still wish my dogs could play with Chico - they would have so much fun!

Kathy said...

Great pictures, Steve. Everything looks so crisp and fresh. Are you having fun with the new camera? :o)

Hope the weather holds for all the guys trying to get to Dutch this week. It must be a madhouse with all the activity.

Happy New Year!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Awesome pictures as always Steve. And SWEEEEEET that you got The Northwestern.
Happy New year!!!!

Alaska Steve said...

Happy New Year guys - yup, I've enjoyed the camera. But remember, most of the photos on this blog were taken with a hundred dollar point and shoot, so I like taking pictures with just about anything!

Sis, the eagles are always out, you know the deal. I posted some for ya tonight! Love and miss you - did you eat some of that crab yet?

Carlisleboy said...

So You came over to MY side of the island on the Same Day that I wentover to yours (Morris Cove)? LOL
We had better watch out or we are going to turn into the same relationship as you have with Dan!!!
Speaking of which, did you guys want to come to Brunch Tomorrow?

Lori said...

Ah Steve, breath taking....and yes, the mountain and water is gorgeous too! HA - you know me - LOVE those NW pics! Thank you!