Friday, November 14, 2008

Expectations Dictate Perceptions

I was reminded of this recently when I admired a photo on another blog and assumed it was taken in Alaska when in fact it was some where in the lower 48, taken before the blog author moved to Alaska. I expected to see Alaska, so I saw Alaska. Our expectations can sometimes blind us to life's details, and color our experiences in a negative way. I want to try to take each day at face value, and be open to changing my mind.

I just wanted to take a moment to point out a few other blogs from the area, in case anyone has missed them. My favorite is Darryl's blog, Notes from Akutan.

Darryl is a physician assistant on Akutan which is the island directly to the east of Unalaska. As near as I can tell, Akutan is like a parallel universe, the scenery is very similar, and DC folks will be happy to know that is where Sig and crew make their deliveries. Darryl hikes and takes great photos and generally seems to embrace life on the island, his blog is worth a look.

Another blog from Unalaska is Lauri's Life on the Rock. Lauri is WAY more socially connected that I am - she has been here 10 years, works at the library, and hangs out at the airport bar. If you want to know what is REALLY happening here, or get the first word on DC stuff, Lauri is your gal. Lauri may not realize it, but she knows me. I see her on Ballyhoo sometimes when I'm walking Chico, she and I have some of the same friends, and her picture is actually on my fridge in a group photo with Goldfish taken at Elaine's birthday party. What can I say, it's a small town . . . . Anyways, Lauri just started blogging last month so be sure to check her out once in awhile.
There is also Dan's blog. Dan is a busy guy, he does a music program on on the local radio station, he is on the management team at the hotel, he plays a mean guitar, and he dives a lot. Plus he takes fabulous trekking vacations all over the world. His blogging is a bit sporatic but worth checking out because when he does post, it is always talking about doing something way cooler than most. Dan and I carefully coordinate our activities so that we never actually meet in person, but we do share a couple friends. Check Dan's blog out when you get a chance, he really embraces life.
There are also a few folks that have an Unalaska blog but don't really post. And of course, there are, I'm sure, some great blogs from out here I just don't know about - I'm so busy it is usually someone else that points new blogs out to me, so if you know of any drop me an email or post a comment, I'd love to check them out!


Lori said...

Thanks for the blog info. I have checked out Darryl's blog as I found out about him from the NW website. Will definitely have to check out Lauri's. I'm temporarily without internet at home and just dyin', but my first stop in the morning is your blog! You definitely give me the inspiration I need to get through the day! I'd love to meet you and Goldfish someday (and of course, Brian sounds like a hoot too!) I'd fly up there just for the all you can eat seafood! Makes me jealous cuz I know you guys are getting the best of the best! Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Kym said...

I love the closeup of the Eagle. He looks pissed off.

KC said...

Heh. Well, if it's any consolation (or support for your hypothesis), only one person I showed it to guessed it wasn't from AK. Not even the veg-analysis folks got it right! :) In the end, the person who did guess right realized we didn't have a particular invasive species. :) Everyone else saw `Brooks Range.` One even asked if I didn't get some photos swapped by accident! ;)

I have a couple more photos from the Utah work scattered in there - the waterfall was from the Wasatch Mountains. The state is so photogenic (but darn well hot!)

Carlisleboy said...

Steve. I Am Glad to see you FINALLY got a REALLY EXCELLENT Eagle photo.
Dan is a fellow manager at the Hotel and a cool guy. How Cool You ask? When I flew up for my job interview, instead of sitting in a little room and answering Question after endless question, we Drove around the Island for 4 hours, getting out wherever there was someting cool to see and doing all the questioning in between. BEST INTERVIEW EVER.
I am thinking of starting a blog as well. It would probably focus on the town in General, and the interesting things that could only happen here. Like the fact that tonight, everyboy is bracing for some real "FUN" happenings as a Coast Guard ship is in and everyone knows how "lively" it can be when they are here. Please note the sarcasm.
What do you all think? Do you want to hear about Dutch/Unalaska Happenings? Like the fact that the Hirdresser at the Hotel is now on City Council? Or the Behind the Scenes stories of the articles in the Police Beat in the Unalaska Advertiser?
Let me Know.

Alaska Steve said...

Brian, I think it would be fun if someone did a "gossip blog" - I even have an idea for a name - the Unalaska Ear (there is a long-running column in the Anchorage Daily News called the Alaska Ear). You would just need to be very sensitive and careful and mindful that an island community is very small townish with a long memory and no one here would appreciate their laundry hung up for the rest of the world to see - they live out here for a reason.

I think you would find there would be very little interest from the folks that live here - we all know that stuff - but lots of interest from outsiders.

I went a different way with Sense of Place - I don't talk about sensitive fisheries information, Fire/EMS information, or even really people in general - I feature the geology, the animals, the weather and the boats. I even give the DC crews their privacy, although as outsiders to the island and public figures they really are kind of fair game.

Whatever kind of blog you do, I'm sure it's going to be entertaining! Just be careful . . .

purrduedvm said...

Thanks for the links to the other blogs. I found Darryl's b/c of a google alert to Akutan. And yours has been mentioned many a time on the NW forum. But the others I was not aware of and now have bookmarked. Its really neat for the rest of us to see how you all live and play up there.
In the end, we are all alike.

Darryl said...

Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I'm a little jealous of your mobility on Unalaska. I'm a bit geographically and time restricted due to 24/7 call.
Your pics are great! We have a trio of bald eagles that hang out in the village and people will probably get sick of seeing eagle shots, but I can't help it. They are such an awesome animal.
I enjoy your approach to blogging. Very well written.