Monday, November 3, 2008

Chico Says "Don't Forget To Vote"

I listen to National Public Radio a lot and in all the clutter of the election the moments that stood out for me were interviews with folks from countries where elections were either not allowed, or were corrupt with a predetermined outcome. Sometimes it takes a look at the alternative to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy; voting is an enormous privilege, and even though the national election will no doubt be determined long before we get to the polls tomorrow (after all, we can "see Russia from our house"), Goldfish and I will make the trip over the creek and up the hill and cancel each other out, a proud family tradition I learned from my Mom and Dad.


Lori said...

Awe, Steve - what a wonderful picture this morning. I too, had parents that cancelled each other out, but I honestly believe that all votes count and that's what's most important. My neighbor told me the other night that they are fascinated by our election process and all the press. They're from Germany and are not citizens so they cannot vote, but wish they could. You and Goldfish - have a wonderful day!

Lothian said...

Well, since I can't bring myself to support a certain other Alaskan candidate I have no choice.

I am voting for chico!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Steve, just had to come here for a breath of fresh air, to clear my head from the insanity and inanity of the lower 48 today.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LMAO!!!! My mom and dad did that too for a lot of years.
This year was tough for me. I found that a difference of opinion had a bit more negative impact on my relationships than they used to.
I voted.
There were some decisions I made at the booth too. LOL.
My father drilled it into my skull that voting was a privilege.

Kim Williams said...

Hi Steve! Great picture today...I don't know which I like more, Chico or the beautiful scenery! My hubby and I always joke with our neighbors that our votes cancel theirs out, but we all still go to the polls together and vote anyway.

It is wonderful to live in a country that provides this privilege, no matter what your political leanings are. I have always kind of felt bad for residents of the far west states (which you and Goldfish surely because the media is calling the election long before your polls close.

Thanks for all the great pictures you share, and for reminding people about the privilege of voting.