Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unalaska Field Notebook - 10-22-08

This is for all our fellow Unalaska Pride Blueberry Bash participants - if you were worried that all our picking for this year's competition left no berries for the area wildlife, I can assure you that is not the case! With most of the leaves off the berry bushes, and a few frosts to raise the sugar levels in the fruit, the berries are amazing!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Wow, those things look like they're as big around as your thumb.


Carlisleboy said...

Hey Steve, Goldfish and Chico The wonder dog
I just sent you an e-mail I arrive on Wednesday at 5pm
Warn the Island.
I am supposed to start Work on Friday so I may (MAY) have Thursday to myself. We will see.
I do Have to drop off those treats for Chico though.
See You soon

Lori said...

Thanks for leaving some of the berries for your friend the fox. Seen him lately, or has he gone into hiding?

Alaska Steve said...

I warned the island Brian, no worries!

Lori, we see foxes out here year round, off and on. Sometimes right in the yard . . .