Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Lifetime of Island

When you use Google Earth and virtually explore the island you can begin to understand that even with all the wandering I've done since I got here, I have seen just a tiny portion! I am always reminded of that when I glimpse mighty Makushin Volcano - at 6680 feet, it dominates the skyline from certain perspectives and symbolizes all that is still pure and wild out here, even after 10,000 years of human occupation.


Lori said...

Beautiful! Off with the pic of the NW and back on with Steve's picture of the day from AK. Thanks! Calendar? Are you making a calendar - consider selling them? You know I love your pics and would buy one in a heartbeat!

Kathy said...

6680 feet? Wow - that's Grand Canyon type altitude. It's giving the views in your pictures a whole new perspective.

A calendar, huh? LOL As one who recently got caught up in a movement that seemed to come out of nowhere, I'd say go with it. You never know how many more interesting people you might meet.

Since time is such a precious commodity, you could let a company like Cafe Press do all the hard stuff and you just keep exploring and sharing your discoveries here. Either way, we still get to share a little piece of Alaska. Thank you so much for that!

Carlisleboy said...

On iPhone so I will make it short.
Just boarded the flight to Anchorage at Seatac
Dutch flight after this one, so Dutch at 5pm AK time
Everyone say a quick one to the man upstairs

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I've always wanted to go to Google Earth but, as I'm on a dial-up, it would take hours to load initially and then to change even a page. Aren't you on a dial-up? Though I think I recall reading something about another internet source coming around on the island. Or are you stuck?


Alaska Steve said...

I am making a calendar using photos from the last year or so of blog photos. The author of another blog and I originally came up the idea it would be cool to make calendars and trade one.

I have zero interest in selling anything to anybody, thats why I'll never slap ads on this site, however my family and loyal long time readers/commenters on here can have one for free if they want. They are going to be pretty basic, just something I whip up at Zazzle or somewhere.

BJ, I am not on dialup, I am on overpriced cable modem which is very slow. There is also another internet option out here - wireless internet - but it is said to be even slower. Google Earth certainly takes a long time to download but the rendering times for the maps is more a function of processor speed than andwidth once the program is installed. I have the slightly better $20/year subscription version, but if I were you, why not download the free version and try it? The maps are a bit inconsistent, but it really opens your horizons!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Also: if you're making a 2009 calendar, can you reserve 3 or 4 for me? Trust me, with your photos, I'd be GLAD to PAY you for some calendars -- I don't even have to see the photos, I KNOW they'd be great!