Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hope Is On The Way

Telalaska is flying in a crew and new equipment to work on what we have deduced is the Slowest Internet In The World! this weekend; the upgrade is supposed to take them about 48 hours so I'm not sure if I'll be posting.

Tomorrow is the Vice Presidential Debates and I think both parties will be on the edge of their seats - the Democrats wondering what will come out of Biden's mouth next and the Republicans wondering what won't come out of Sarah Palin's. The campaigns are starting to wear on me a bit; stuck in front of a computer with only NPR for company 11 hours a day, you don't get much break from the campaign or the economy. I take refuge in the local races, familiar faces talking about issues I fully understand and have strong opinions about. For now though, hot tea with lemon and a good book - cheers!


Lori said...

Your own Sandra Palin will be in my neck of the woods on Monday. Wish me luck in getting some "free" tickets to see her speak. Tonight ought to be interesting! I'm tending to agree with you Steve, the TV is getting overbearing between the economy crisis and the presidential debate. At least one will be resolved in 33 days. Am using this picture today as my wallpaper. Love it! Thank-you

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

My internet runs at 48.9 kbps. Like molasses. I too am very curious what Palin will bring.


kabri said...

Hi Steve, loved your blog! What fantastic pictures, I sure wish I could do more hiking next time I come up there. Sadly, it will probably be during A season, not the best hiking weather then. I enjoyed your posts about berry picking and Chico - way more interesting than all the politics happening right now. Crossing fingers that the big upgrade this weekend does the trick and improves internet speed for everyone on the island!!!!!