Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hike to Ugadaga Bay

Ugadaga Bay is a great hike, it has a little of everything. It isn't physically challenging and at just 4.5 miles round trip it can be done in an evening after work. Along the way there are waterfalls, wildflowers in the summer, berries in the fall, and Ugadaga Bay itself is pristine. The cool thing about the hike is you are hiking from the Bering Sea side of the island to the North Pacific side of the island, and as I have stated in earlier posts, the trail has been used for thousands of years, so there is this magical connection to the land. Be advised you are walking through a valley for most of the way so you should be prepared for wind at times as air is funneled through.

Chico and I made the hike yesterday - well, I did, I'm not sure where Chico spent the time. The reason why he doesn't appear in more photos is shortly after the top photo, he took off down to the valley floor and I didn't see him again until I got back to the truck where he was waiting patiently and barking at a raven that was scolding him from the hillside.

The weather is going to blow up tomorrow with 70 to 80 mph winds so lots of crab boats are coming in with what they have on board so we should some more deliveries to the dock in the next couple days. I'm sure the DC boys will stay out there and thrash around 'cause that just makes for good TV, right?


Lori said...

Great TV - yes! But I do wish they would come in and be safe, so keep your eagle eye out and your camera on your hip! Love the pics today - I have read alot about Ugadaga Bay and it is breathtaking! Oh, meant to ask you, does Chico need a friend? I have a Border Collie and she is just dying to be an Ididarod dog! Too hot for her in FL and I'm promising her a trip to AK.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'd like to see more photos with Chico! And BTW now, for whatever reason, your comments section expands out completely. Did you change a setting in Blogger? It's so MUCH more easy to see, read and utilize!


Lori said...

I noticed that too this morning, Steve; although, it's hard to get back to your actual site. And no, encryption word to enter, yeah!

Alaska Steve said...

BZ, I hadn't forgotten your request to have the comments open full screen, I just don't get a lot of time to mess with the blog settings much and I wasn't sure what to change to make it happen. I stumbled across the setting last night - it is very obvious in hindsight - and changed it over. It's all you man!

As for word verification, I HATE word verification but I got some nasty spam and had to enable it. I'm an eternal optimist though, so I going to take it off and see what happens.

Lori, as for the border collie, get in touch with Brian, he is wanting to adopt a dog the day he arrives, he loves dogs as much as I do. I'll keep my eyes on the channel today, it did blow up pretty good out there last night so I'll be inside today except for dog walks.

Carlisleboy said...

I think Lori just meant a trip not a permanent relocation............but I am willing!!!!!!
I am sure there are plenty of good dogs to adopt on the island though. There always seems to be a shortage of good pet owners for all the pets that need them. Personally I blame the Democrats for that. Republicians are just better people, and thus usually have pets. Democrats, Like the current POTUS canidate on that side are just not caring enough to take a loving animal into their home.
One more reason to vote McCain.

Lothian said...

Oh, if Chico could talk! What wonderful adventures I bet he has.

Lori said...

Right on Brian! Threatened the dog last night with a trip to the store to buy the crate and of course, I would have to make the trip with her! No really, she is a GREAT dog! I know that Maggie Moo would love to have a good run with Chico!