Monday, October 20, 2008

First King Crab of 2008

We had our first red king crab delivery of the season yesterday, and we also got in some brown king crab late last night. The plant workers really enjoy the change of pace from pollock and cod so spirits were high. I'll try to get down to the dock and take some unloading pictures when we get more deliveries later this week.

I'm on vacation again this week and hoping to get in a couple hikes along with a long list of projects. The weather this time of year is famously changeable, even by Dutch Harbor standards, and can go from sunny to hail and back to sunny in minutes - the key to happiness is just accept and enjoy whatever is dished out. Remember, many beautiful things - vibrant green grass, snow capped peaks, frost-rimmed flowers, rainbows - are the result of "bad" weather. Enjoy your week everyone, I'm off to Ugadaga Bay trail head with Chico!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oh do I miss fresh king crab! We get crab down here, blue swimmer crab. It's tasty, but nothing like king or snow crab.

Eat some for me!

Bren said...

Nice touch of lighting. Very well done. Your quite the artist.
love ya

Lori said...

Another beautiful day in Dutch! Can't wait to see the offloading pictures.

Lothian said...

Wow! Deliveries of King Crab already? I thought the season just opened a few days ago. They must be working hard as usual.

Alaska Steve said...

Dave, as a personal favor to you I will choke some king crab down . . . :o)

Lothian, the boat had an injured crew member so they came in with what they had, it wasn't a full load.