Tuesday, October 7, 2008

End of Summer Cleanup

I was working on filing and organizing the photos from summer prior to burning them onto CDs and of course came across hundreds I would have liked to share; that's not how this works though, time marches relentlessly onwards and the photos that appear here were usually taken within a few weeks if not days of when they are posted. I do this for a couple reasons: for one, this is a photo album for my use, I can look back and see about when the pinks started running or the blueberries were peaking or when we got the first snow; also, it pushes me always to get out and explore, to try something new or equally exciting to look at the same things from a fresh perspective.

With that said, this little fellow was awfully popular when I posted him a month ago, and I remember trying to decide between the photo I posted in September where he seemed to be peeking from the bushes and this one, where he had run forward a bit and was posed in front of all those wildflowers. I like both photos, so in the spirit of closing the books on a fine summer of photography on the island I'm posting this one as well.

I am on vacation this week with the exception of Emergency Medical Technician training. Lots of projects beg my attention but today it was just good books and dog walks, a fine day off by any standard.


Lori said...

Thanks Steve - Loved the one of him peeking out (as did my co-workers), so I'll set this one as my background today and see if they notice it's a new pic! I tell them this is my little Alaskan fox (but of course, I tell them about you and your website and how much I enjoy reading your blogs and viewing your pictures!) Enjoy your vacation!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I really enjoyed the fox photos!