Monday, September 22, 2008

Berrimilla Made England!

This is another video I took on my digital camera of the Berrimila as they were leaving Dutch Harbor on their way to England via the Northwest Passage. In this clip they are passing through the East Channel in front of Alyeska Seafoods, basically the view from my living room window.

To put this in context of an acheivement, here are Alex's words from a recent post "Berri and I will have completed perhaps only the second ever circumnavigation of the world via the North West Passage, after David Cowper. We have also completed a circumnavigation via Cape Horn and Berri may be the very first boat ever to get close to claiming the two, although the claim is dubious because the two circs stared from opposite ends and share the Falmouth - Sydney leg. However, each is complete in itself."

To see pictures of them in Falmouth, link to their blog here or of course on the sidebar to the right. Alex, Corrie and Kimbra - sincere congratulations, it was a blast to meet you and then follow your travels. All the best in whatever you choose to tackle and I hope our paths cross again!

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

Very cool, Steve. What a great video.