Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ulatka Head

Ulatka Head is the portion of Ballyhoo farthest from the airport. These were taken when my sister was here - in the top photo she is on the top of a bunker looking down the cliff and then Chico and I are completely upstaging her in the bottom photo. This bunker is maybe 300 meters from the bunker in the photos from my last post. Saturday night Goldfish and I walked Chico at this same spot under completely different weather conditions, looking for a reported beached whale on the rocks below Ulatka Head; we could barely make out the anything as the whole area was in the clouds.

Tonight Care Bear came over and showed us her vacation photos and trimmed up our herbal garden. Work is pretty intense this weekend with end of month and it's still rattling around in my head so I can't think of anything clever to say . . . . .

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Anonymous said...

That view is stunning. The weather looks perfect too!