Thursday, July 17, 2008

North Side of Ballyhoo in Fog and Ash

The switchback road up the end of Ballyhoo is a favorite lunchtime ride now that they finally opened the gate for the season. There are some fantastic bunkers and lots of other World War II remnants up there. This was taken a few days ago; down at the base it was sunny but the top of Ballyhoo was swallowed up by a giant cloud. You don't notice the dust and ash until you get home and take off your sunglasses after a long ride and look in the mirror at the coal miner staring back at you!

The planes started flying yesterday afternoon and have been flying pretty steady ever since getting caught up on the passenger, freight and mail back log caused by the eruption of Okmok. Back to normal, at least by Dutch Harbor standards!


amariner said...

Nice mtn shot. (JUNE's B) I C they did eliminate Ft.Meyers,(that was our lumber supply). I used to live in the Edgewater, which I C is still in the right side on the beach, Strawberry, Verla Robinson's home, (gone), & Ski Bowl, (now a distant memory as well...{;^( I drove the piles 4 the APL dock. Cept then it was contracted thought the A-corporation & was 2 B leased 2 DelMonte Seafoods division. They wanted in on the 100Million pounds of Kings a year being shipped overseas. On U'r Salmon Berry Blooms, I have a frame of an Inch & 1/2 SBerry from my bush on SkiBowl.
So stay frosty when they come & a ZERO know secret is there used 2 B Morals, (Both Blonde & Black) on the East side of the Concrete Slab, (thats still there)@ the intersection, as U leave the Unisea going North & have 2 decide do I turn left 4 town/bridge), or Right 4 the airport.
Guess U've had a few rebuilds of that since we used 2 fly outta the 2nd war one W/The Beautiful(Flawless)Mosaic on the floor of that squadron.

Tried U'r local cams, Not up least on 7-18-08.


Trevor said...

I got your e-mail back and it's funny cause i was just wondering when i a good idea to call there was. I'm usually home from work by 11:45 here but i don't know what kind of bed time you have there or when you go on your hikes. I have monday off so at the very latest maybe i'll call you then. Love you!