Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bye Sis!

Friday morning my sister flew back home after a 7 day visit to the island. It was fun watching her opinions and reactions slowly evolve over the time of her stay, and she was a trooper keeping up with our full days and a home that is more like a summer camp - with beach sand and dog hair everywhere, shells and beach glass on the counters, and not much in the way of schedule or structure in the precious time we spend not working. I think she got on the plane a bit more relaxed, a bit sore from exploring and with a renewed sense of wonder in the natural world. We sure enjoyed her company as she is a flexible, undemanding houseguest who greets each morning with a sense of wonder.

Sis, we miss you already! Thanks for making the long journey to the Aleutians and for keeping an open mind and heart while you were here!


Mom said...

Thanks, Bro. It was wonderful! I miss it already. The world is moving way to fast down here!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'll bet this:

You're blessed by living where you live.

She was blessed by experiencing your life as you currently live it.

Your lives intermingled and, for that period of time, you were both blessed. Revel in the experience, capture its essence. Live every day for every day. Because we know naught what tomorrow brings.