Friday, June 6, 2008

First Hike of the Summer

Some how all the walks on the beaches and up Bunker Hill and around Strawberry Hill don't seem to count as hikes, in my mind - you have to break a good sweat and stand on top of something of size. The hills have been drying out and the weather tonight was perfect so after work Goldfish, Chico and I headed up Ballyhoo for our first "hike" of the summer. I had to do some last minute work so I rode the bike over and met them there - and with their head start I barely caught up with them before the summit.

The great thing about standing on top of Ballyhoo is not only do you have a great view of the planes landing and taking off, you can see pretty much all there is to see of the inhabited parts of the island. Captain's Bay, Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, out in the valley - you can see it all.

Chico was making us a bit nervous peering over the edge - there is a fair drop off on the back side and the snow cornice was rotten. We saved the walk over the knife edge to the other summit for another day when Chico was feeling less adventurous and headed down to well deserved ice water and hot showers.


Mom said...

What a wonderful view. It looks like chains of Island. What is the one off to the left and going out of view?

love ya

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Beautiful, Steve. I love that picture of Chico peering over that sharp drop off. Made me shudder.
I love this window into Alaska. It's just perfect.

Lori said...

Great pictures! Set Chico and the island as my wallpaper today!! If I can't be somewhere cooler, I can at least enjoy your pictures all day long! Thanks Steve!

Zack said...

Looks like Chico wanted one last sled ride down the hill, before all the snow disappeared. I see you are still sporting the ever trusty Patriots sweatshirt. I remember the last picture of you hiking, and in that shirt, you were soaking wet. I think that was sometime this winter though. Looks a lot better now.

Oh ya got my bike out too, by the way
Love ya

Mystic said...

I just love that pic of Chico on the hill! Wonderful!