Sunday, June 22, 2008

Berrimilla - For Sure This Time !

Last week I posted what I thought was a photo of the sailboat Berrimilla coming into Dutch Harbor. I couldn't read the name on the boat but an article on the local news website mentioning Berrimilla's arrival on that night led me to believe I had spotted it.

After see the Berrimilla up close and personal in the Small Boat Harbor since then, I can definitely say it was NOT the Berrimilla I saw arriving as the vessel was larger and had a dark colored hull. All of that said, and having inspected the real Berrimilla, I an even more in awe of what they are out to accomplish - sailing to England through the Northwest Passage. Again, you can follow their progress here and I will be adding them as an inspirational link along my right side bar - do go and check on their progress once in awhile - having heard from their webmaster in England and the skipper's sister, I can say they are a good lot and I wish them the best of luck and a safe voyage. I hope they make it up Ballyhoo before they leave, the view is worth the hike!

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Anonymous said...

Go knock on the hull and wake Alex up. He'll forgive you if you bring a beer. :) Thanks for the pics! - Carla