Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fort Knox - Prospect, Maine

What a great day it was to be on the coast with my brother and my niece! I couldn't get enough of the quality stonework that went into building this fort back in the 1800's - the spiral staircases were amazing! Goldfish kind of dared me to roll down a steep hill in front of the fort - and I have the scars to show it didn't go well. All in all a great day to end the east coast portion of our vacation.


Mom said...

Again, what awsome pictures. I can't believe how big the niece is getting!

Kym said...

The stonework is incredible.

But I have a question, I swear I was here no longer ago than a week and now there are a gazillion posts. Did you back date some or am I just crazy thinking I was here not that long ago?

AlaskaSteve said...

Kym - yeah, I back-dated all the vacation posts so they appear on the day I was at that location - makes a better scrapbook for me, but is a bit confusing for everyone else. With the low bandwidth out here, getting all those vacation shots posted took me quite a few evenings so my new postings have suffered a bit!

Zack said...

Wow that cannon is on one of those rotating platform things just like on the island. Except there was no cannon on the island.
Oh and that must be one of my cousins huh? Good to see her, even though in a picture.