Thursday, May 1, 2008

Denver Aquarium

I love aquariums and make a point to seek them out whenever I'm on vacation. The Denver one is decent; at first I was impressed they had a good representation of freshwater North American fish species along with the usual sea turtles, manta rays (they had a "touch tank" for rays - that was an interesting touch, apparently the rays like it), and sharks. After I thought about it a bit I wonder if I'm not seeing the future - where school children in Colorado go to an aquarium to see a cut-throat trout instead of being able to catch one in their backyard . . . . a chilling idea.

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Mom said...

I too have been feeling the encroachment of development especially with the new subdivision going in. The desert quails are running out of land. Last year I had over 25 in my front yard. This year I have 2. So sad!