Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks for 22 Years of Being A Good Sport!

I love you little man and I'm so proud of all that you've become!


Lothian said...

How sweet! Although us ladies definitely tnjoyed the sock photo, I think these pics are even better.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh these are AWESOME. Trevor is quite the fisherman!
I'll spare him my blog. After all, the visitors to my blog are Erotic Romance readers. His picture might start a frenzy.

Zack said...

All these wonderful accomplishments of Trevors', and look at where it led him too. A naked snow angel under a street lamp. By far the best though.
I have one question though. What is that thing he is holding in his hand, in the picture with the blue/white hat? I bet it's a moose nugget.

Trevor said...

Wow, some of those pictures i haven't seen in forever! I was looking pretty studly with that blond hair thats for sure! I almost thought that the one of me holding that broom when i was a wee one was going to make it on there. I know that's one of your favorites.

Oh and Zack, that's obviously a magic bean and not a moose nugget. Nice post dad, brings back lots of memories!

Mom said...

There's the nephew I remember! You are an amazing young man. Your older brother's not too bad either.

love ya

Zack said...

Oh of course. A magic bean. Thanks for clearing that up there T.
Love ya