Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Goldfish!

I have known Goldfish for over 12 years - her friendship has been unwavering and for the last year or so that we've been "together" I've come to realize I'm quite a lucky guy to have her in my life. She loves all the same things about the island that I do, she loves animals, we share the same quirky sense of humor . . . . she lets me be me and encourages me in all my odd endeavors. We both love books and movies and the sound of a blizzard outside. We both love to travel, both love to hike, both love to snowshoe. She is always up for an adventure - I think we knew last winter when we were exploring Boston together that we were a great match.

Goldfish turns 35 today . . . . I swore I would never become involved with a woman younger than 50 so I guess I'm going to have to say she's turning a very young 51. I told her when I moved out here that all I could promise was 45 years and I can't believe how fast the last 8 months have gone by and how much I'm looking forward to the next 44 years and 4 months . . . Happy Birthday my Goldfish - private birthday cards are good but so are public ones!


Zack said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you guys do something fun. Thanks for looking after my Dad this whole time. I know he's a handful but it saves Me on money it would take to put him in a home. Oh just playin Dad. I wouldn't put you in one of those things anyway.
Anyways you kids have fun. Remember you have to work tomorrow.
Love Zack

Mystic said...

Happy Birthday Goldfish!!!!!!!!

pat said...

AWWWW....please wish Goldfish a Happy Birthday from all your online friends!

Anonymous said...

She's the cutest "Goldfish" I've
ever seen!

Jennifer McKenzie said...


Richard & Penelope said...

To Goldfish:
I am so happy that you two have found each other after so many years of knowing each other. It is nice to know that Steve can team up with someone that doesn't need him for some reason or another. You have been quite able to get along by yourself and support yourself. I am so glad for you both that you are having such a good time on the island. May God bless you both as you face life together.
Love Dad
PS Happy birthday and wishes for many more

Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad your in our family! The joy you bring to Steve makes us all love you more.