Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Perfect Workout

Here are a couple photos from our snowshoe session on Ballyhoo after work last night - you can see the conditions were just amazing with clear skies, 28 degrees and no wind. This is the view from where we park, looking towards Dutch Harbor. In the foreground is the world famous Dutch Harbor Airport runway - look closely in the middle of the bottom photo and you can see a plane in front of the terminal building. When I first flew out here in 2002, Alaska Airlines was still flying jets into Dutch and the runway had the distinction of being the 2nd shortest jet runway in the world - there was one in Norway that was a few inches shorter. It's always pretty exciting flying in, even with the turboprops they use now. Well, except for you Zack . . . . . .


Zack said...

Ahh yes, the mysteriously calm flight out to Dutch Harbor. Wasn't I just blessed.
Hey looks like you got off work fairly early, as the sky still has color to it. Wonderful!
Hey if Aunt Brenda reads this, I just found out that this guy I know, named Doug, is going to be teaching biology at Boise state. Just thought I would mention it. I know at least one of you that go there, according to Dad, maybe two? He is really quite a good guy, and it is good to see him move on to what he wants to do. He loves helping people.
Sorry for hogging your blog space Dad. Not!

Love you everyone

pantxo petate said...

Your picture taking is improving a lot. Yeap, I remember that runway, good muscle tightening.

AlaskaSteve said...

Pantxo, thanks for your kind words, your pictures are always amazing - what actually happened recently is I got a tripod for my cheap digital. After having to brace myself in a snowbank on New Years to get any results, I got a tripod and have been using it when light conditions are less than ideal. What country are you living in these days?