Wednesday, January 30, 2008

F/V Sea Storm

After work I wandered down to the mouth of the river to see who was parked at our dock. F/V Sea Storm is a 120 foot trawler with a single 1700 HP main engine. Sea Storm is currently set up to fish for trawl cod and is delivering to us this season. It varied while I was watching but there were between 8 and 12 eagles perched on the boat at any given time with another dozen lined up at the mouth of the river - I'm not sure what they were eating.

Goldfish and I went to the Crab Pot Deli for supper and I plan on turning in early - work has been tough with the end of month reports looming and not enough hours in the day. Cheers!


Missy Lyons said...

Beautiful pictures you have there. I am surprised the water is not iced over...It's got to be cold up there.

Mystic said...

As always...beautiful pictures!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That's such a pretty boat. I love the way the water is like glass in the picture. Nice. said...

I found her!!
This Vessle was previously named F.V. Donn Genoveva.
I engineered on her for about 6 months in the early '90's . I fished on quite a few boats and this was by far the nicest crabber i had worked on . 24-26 pots an hour stacking everyone. The boat needed some tlc back then , but she sure is looking great now!!
Would love to see more pics of her , if possable .