Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wild (??) Horses of Summers Bay

This post if for my wonderful sister in Idaho, whom I love and miss very much - great to talk to you last night! These are the "wild" horses of Summers Bay - I saw them when I visited Dutch Harbor a few years ago, before I moved here, but I have not seen them until this evening when Goldfish and I headed out to do some beach combing at Humpy Cove. I think a woman wrote a children's book about them back in the 90's, I saw a copy over at the museum bookstore. Anyways, they are beautiful and very friendly and I shared my apple with them so they wouldn't climb into the passenger seat with me.

The crab fleet is definitely in town - Latitudes (formerly the Elbow Room, and soon to be closed forever) is packed tonight with fishermen and crab groupies. The Cornelia Marie went by the plant this afternoon and on the way to Summers Bay we could see a helicopter buzzing over some crab boats about a mile offshore, so I'd say the Deadliest Catch film crew is here and filming. There was some more termination dust on the mountains today but it was a nice sunny 46 degrees down by the water. Cheers!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Boy was I sorry to hear about The Elbow Room. Where will the crab groupies go now?

Those horses are gorgeous.

Zack said...

Not the Elbow Room!!!

AlaskaSteve said...

Yup, gone forever. Sorry you won't make it out here before it closes . . .

Anonymous said...

I remember reading the book about the wild horses! I can't remember how they ended up on the island though.
Good to talk to you too!
love ay

Anonymous said...

Hi AlaskaSteve,
I've been to Unalaska a handful of times and heard/read about the horses. I'm in the process of recording an all original jazz CD with Alaskan themes. My premier piece is a 10 minute instrumental entitled "A Tribute to the Wild Horses of Summers Bay". I just finished this piece in studio last week and a dance is being choreographed to the piece by the Homer Jazzline dancers who will perform it during their performances the end of January. I loved the pictures on your site and would like the good people of Unalaska to know about the song when it's all finished.

Dan McElrath
Anchorage, AK

Michael Hanrahan said...

Beautiful pictures! I remember the horses when I worked at the Pan-Alaska plant in 1981-82. We used to hike out to Summers Bay when we got a nice day off. My roommate Freddie Tahum wrote a beautiful song called "I Want to go to Summers Bay." Here are some of my pictures of Unalaska Island: