Monday, October 8, 2007

Water Water Everywhere . . .

Not the water surrounding the island, the water in the nalgene bottles I'm sucking down to get my veins nice and plump for tomorrow's trip to the clinic. With the new job comes the new medical benefits and the new physical with the new blood work - for some reason my arms have always been a problem to every phlebotomist I've met; I even stopped giving blood years ago because it just wasn't worth the hassle, despite all the good deed aspects.

Anyways, short post tonight, we're watching God Grew Tired of Us tonight, a documentary on the Sudanese refugees relocated to America . . . gotta love Netflix. . . . cheers! The picture was taken at Humpy Cove at the mouth of the creek; Chico ran down the beach and got all the seagulls flying at once.

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