Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eagles Are Back

There seem to be more eagles hanging around lately, which I love. I don't know where they go but there seems to be a seasonal fluctuation in the numbers hanging right around the house. The most I have seen was that day I counted about sixty just walking from the library to the house, and then some days last month I would only see a few over the course of the day. They are always a welcome sight - I took the picture above today at lunchtime when I took a walk along the creek. He was eating a salmon and I caught him just as he was taking off.


Trevor said...

Wow! I really dig this pic. You took that right at the right moment i think. Love you dad!

AlaskaSteve said...

I like it too - of course I see everything wrong with it, blurred, part of the wings out of the frame, not quite centered - but it captured a moment for me. Those moments remind me why I live here on a rock so far away. There are eagles zooming right by my living room window right now as I type this . . . Love you son and miss you daily!