Friday, September 28, 2007

First Crab Delivery Tommorow

There is good news on the crab front - the quotas have been increased significantly from last year indicating a healthy population - good news for you Deadliest Catch fans! We are getting our first crab delivery tomorrow at noon from F/V Aleutian No. 1. This will be brown king crab, more commonly called golden king (ahhhh, marketing . . . . ). It is not the rock star of the king crab family, the red king - that won't be for another few weeks.

This site does a good job explaining the differences between the three species of king crab, and delineating where each is found. You can find more info on brown ki . . . oops, I mean golden king crab here and here. And finally, you can learn a little about crab pots at this site.

I took the photo above out on the spit last week and it shows a close-up of the entrance to a crab pot.

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