Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busiest Day Yet

I thought we were going to get one million pounds off loaded during my shift but we ran into a few problems towards the end and just got 900,000 - still a good day. It is absolutely gorgeous out, 55 and sunny, the calm before the storm. 24 hours from now there is supposed to be 30 foot seas in the Bering so the fleet is almost all back here with whatever fish they have on board creating a bit of a bottle neck so we're going full bore to get everything processed.

I took Chico for a walk in the pass after work today and on the drive there we saw this fox - what you can't see in the picture (taken through the windshield) is Chico going absolutely beserk, trying to eat his way through the dashboard to get the fox. You can see the fox is completely unimpressed . . .

1 comment:

Jennifer McK said...

That's a beautiful picture! And considering that your dog was going nutso it's taken with a steady hand.