Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Views From The Neighborhood

I took these a couple days ago by our place. The church is three or four buildings down the street and it is one of my favorite buildings to photograph as it changes depending on the view, the weather and the season. The other is of the creek directly across the street from our bedroom showing 70 or 80 salmon moving upstream - hopefully they will show up when the picture posts. They are always merrily jumping away, I go to sleep to the sounds of their splashing.


Zack said...

Oh man when you come back to visit, I'm going to have to get a pet salmon for my room so you can sleep.

AlaskaSteve said...

Well, the sounds of Bones slobbering are very similar to a salmon jumping so I'll probably be alright . . . love you

Anonymous said...

Besides photos - have you actually wet a line to see how they are to catch? Or are you sick of fish by the end of the day?