Monday, August 27, 2007

Spiraling Ravens and Feeding Whales

I didn't get to blog last night because Goldfish and I were out late seeing the sights. We walked on Ballyhoo and watched the humpback whales feeding - too far away for pictures still but they will be in close to shore later in the fall. We also watched the big crane loading a cargo ship; I was fascinated and need to do some research on gantry cranes, how they hook to the containers so quickly, and how the reefer units are powered when the boat is underway. After loading a row of containers the whole crane rolls on rails to the next position to load - I could sit and watch the process all day if I had the time. We were getting ready to come down off Ballyhoo and noticed an amazing raven behavior - all the ravens in the Dutch Harbor area all congregated from all points of the compass and started this upward spiral. It was like they were getting sucked in and upwards by some giant force, and they kept going up until they pierced the cloud cover and disappeared - literally maybe 200 ravens, gone. We waited a bit for them to show up again but they apparently kept going up for awhile. I guess that should be no surprise - the raven is the one bird that has been spotted on the summit of Mount Mckinley at 20,320 feet. I have to say, the eagles are still my favorites but the ravens are winning me over with their vocalizations, their stunning aerobatics and barrel rolls, and their social behaviors.

Anyways, I'm off to the grocery store to get supplies to cook Shrimp and Chicken Pad Thai tomorrow or the next day. I took the picture above of the F/V Bering Rose today as it turned the corner and started down the channel with the morning sun behind it. Sometimes its interesting to intentionally back light something and see how it turns out . . . .

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Zack said...

The raven is quite the amazing bird. One of the smartest I hear. That is very interesting what you were describing them doing. I wonder what was up there that they were so interested in. Seems like something off a movie.