Thursday, August 16, 2007

Killer Whale Research

We went to a lecture tonight at the museum given by a pHD candidate from University of Alaska Fairbanks on killer whale research around the Pribilof Islands. She was in town because Greenpeace is back, in the form of the Esperanza parked in my "front yard", and they are going to help her place some more acoustic devices. The presentation was great and there are several more good ones scheduled for the coming weeks. The one tommorow night is a slide show of the best of 30 years underwater photography around Unalaska - especially interesting because I'm going to get my scuba certification next year and start diving as well.
The pictures above I took two nights ago when we went out past Summer's Bay. The top one shows the view up the coast and the other three show the salmon migrating in from the ocean to the shallow creek, fighting every step of the way. There were hundreds and hundreds of salmon in the creek with more coming in all the time - fascinating to watch. Goldfish wanted me to move one log in particular that was giving the salmon the most trouble but I figured I should let nature take it's course. Cheers everyone!

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