Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day At The Beach

I split my day off between the WWII Museum and Morris Cove with Chico. The salmon are pairing off and building redds to lay eggs in the upper reaches of the creek that empties into Summers Bay; one female had beached herself and Chico delicately picked her up by the tail and dropped her in deeper water. Of course he may have had darker motivations I was unaware of but the result was good . . . .

Lots of new pictures that I'll get posted in the days ahead. There are several boats coming in tonight and tommorow so lots of work for awhile. Cod season starts in a week and we are flying in additional workers to help with the extra load; the season is almost half over so this has been a nice midpoint break.

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Anonymous said...

Chico sounds really smart. Of course comparing it to the foodaholic witch that lives with us.