Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So Many Choices

I was reviewing pictures to try to decide what to post and I was just overwelmed - when I started posting I wanted to try to post a photo everyday and wondered if I could possibly find that much interesting to share. Now I see I can not leave the house or look out the window for two months and I'd still be able post new subject matter. Chico the Wonderdog flew back in from Anchorage today, none the worst for wear except for the shaved patches where the vet inserted IVs. We have a new addition to the family, a 4WD GMC Jimmy we got for $250 - I call it the Battle Wagon (okay, honestly, I'm the only one that calls it the Battle Wagon but I'm hoping it catches on . . . ). It greatly increases our range and in the two days we have had it we have been some amazing places. Just an hour ago I was sitting on a 1000 foot cliff watching fishing boats return to port and basking in the sun. There has been a break from fish so I have been working with refrigeration for a couple days but the break is over and there will be some long days ahead!

One of our favorite things to do is beachcomb - the picture shows our haul of beach glass, rocks and shells from the beach in front of the apartment from a 20 minute walk a couple days ago. Goldfish finds all the beach glass, I can't seem to spot it - too distracted by the rocks maybe??

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Anonymous said...

Oddly my wife loved the polished glass and has a cherised bottle she collected 28 years back from the beaches around Dutch!
Post some more panarama shots!